Is smoking e-cigarette addictive?
Every newcomer or person who wants to use e-cigarettes, because they do not understand the principles and related knowledge of e-cigarettes, will always ask some "odd" questions that are difficult to answer.
For example, “Is there a set of equipment that can be used all the time, but in one step?”, “What is the best smoke oil?”, “Which nebulizer is big smoke, good taste, fuel-efficient?”
These problems are very simple for the old players, but they really need to explain clearly but find it more troublesome and involve many aspects. It is not a single sentence that can answer clearly.
For example, today's topic is the same reason:
"Is it embarassing to smoke electronic cigarettes?"

Answer: This question also involves many aspects, the author gives you one by one analysis.

A、The electronic cigarette is powered by a battery to generate heat in the heating wire in the atomizer, evaporate the smoke to generate mist, and the user inhales the atomized smoke oil vapor. This is the principle of the electronic cigarette, and the tobacco generates smoke by burning. Different ways.

B、What are the ingredients in smoke oil?
The common ingredients in cigarette oil are propylene glycol and glycerin, which are commonly known as "PG" and "VG". In order to obtain different flavors, flavors are added to cigarette oil.

C、Is smoke oil addictive?
In the question of "addicted," the questioner expressed a rather vague, so the author analyzed it according to his own understanding.
Addiction is usually referred to as "nicotine addiction." Many people do not smoke before, but also want to use e-cigarette as a fashion hobby, worrying that the use of e-cigarettes will produce "smoking addiction" and form "nicotine dependence."
In fact, in addition to those mentioned above in the composition of cigarette oil, there is an important ingredient - "nicotine", according to the different content, the same flavor of cigarette oil is divided into "0mg", "3mg", "6mg "Common concentrations, etc., represent how many milligrams of nicotine are contained in each 1 ml of cigarette oil."

Here again, the biggest harm to humans in cigarettes is not nicotine, but tar, carbon monoxide, and the thousands of substances produced after the burning of tobacco.
If you don’t smoke before and don’t have an addiction, you can choose “0mg” smoke oil, and you don’t have nicotine at all, so you don’t have nicotine dependence, which is not called “addicted”.
For those who have a smoking experience, those who have an addiction can choose nicotine-containing cigarette oil, which can meet the body's needs for nicotine, and can avoid the tobacco intake of tar and other substances attached to nicotine. This is why e-cigarettes have a "smoker" role.

D、Will more and more e-cigarettes be used?
In addition to the above included meanings, the questioner may also want to ask if the electronic cigarette will not be like tobacco, the more the amount of cigarette smoke and smoking addiction.
According to the habits of most people in the country, the majority of users of electronic cigarettes as a substitute for tobacco use will gradually reduce the amount of nicotine and the amount of nicotine in cigarette oil, and gradually quit the dependence on nicotine.
Of course, there are many people who have gradually discovered the fun of electronic cigarettes in actual use. The frequency of use and the amount of smoked oil are also increasing. There have been several incidents of excessive nicotine overdose in foreign countries, so remind everyone to Avoid the use of excessively high concentrations of smoke oil. Once dizziness, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms occur, it may be caused by excessive nicotine intake. Please stop using it. If symptoms are severe, go to the hospital immediately.

The above is the author's answer to the question of “Is it addictive to e-cigarette?” If you didn’t smoke before, there was no addiction, then using e-cigarettes with nicotine-free cigarette oil would not result in “nicotine dependence”.
If you are referring to “addictive” because of the rich playability of e-cigarettes, then the author will tell you that if you choose the right equipment and cigarette oil, then you will definitely make you “addictive”.