Can electronic cigarettes really quit smoking? Is it safe to use e-cigarette?

Foreword: "Electronic Cigarette" is a device that produces smoke through the principle of electronic circuits. The Chinese language is broad and profound, and can be combined into new words through existing words, such as "train". In English, the train is not "Fire car" but "Train". Similarly, the English version of "e-cigarette" corresponds to "Vape" steam. Although some people also call e-cigarettes "E-ciga," more people still prefer to call it "Vape." The reason why the correct name of "e-cigarette" is first mentioned is because many people are misled by "electronic cigarettes" and considered to be branches or substitutes of cigarettes. Therefore, two kinds of completely different things are put together for comparison. Some merchants also use the “smoke” confusion concept in electronic cigarettes to mislead consumers.

Just as the rise of “email” cannot completely replace the traditional mail industry; the popularity of the Internet cannot replace TV stations; electronic books cannot replace traditional paper media. Although they are very similar in form, they all have different positions and audiences. Who can not completely replace. However, everything has a two-sided nature. It is precisely because of the “smoke” that more and more people have begun to pay attention to and understand e-cigarettes. From doubts to attempts, from “little whites” to “great gods,” from a certain significance. It also played a role in promoting e-cigarettes.

People who have just come into contact with e-cigarettes are most concerned with the question: “Can e-cigarettes really quit smoking?” “Is e-cigarettes safe?” In fact, this is an instinct for rejection and suspicion of new things. The author was more cautious and skeptical than anyone at the initial contact with electronic cigarettes. Therefore, great efforts were made to study the principles and hazards of electronic cigarettes. After three years of personal experience, we started from my own feelings and talked to everyone about whether e-cigarettes can stop smoking, and what aspects of e-cigarettes are safe and how to properly understand e-cigarettes.

First, what makes quitting smoking so difficult?
Quitting smoking is actually a complicated and difficult process. Like drugs, smoking addiction is divided into two aspects: physical and psychological. Most smokers actually do not know that physical smoking habits are actually very good at withdrawal. Nicotine's withdrawal response is very slight and does not bring about obvious pain. It only brings a psychological sense of “emptiness”. It is often said that "noisy" always feels "empty". When you ignite the next cigarette, it is not actually to satisfy the addiction, or to relieve the pain in the body, just to "fill in the feeling of psychological emptiness." If this emptiness is not satisfied, the psychological symptoms will intensify, manifested as nervousness, irritability, self-confidence and self-control.

This is why many people tend to light cigarettes before they are nervous, make and receive important calls, irritability, and important decisions, in order to ease the psychological tension. Once the cigarette is ignited, the smoker will get nicotine supplement in a few seconds, and the former emptiness will disappear, allowing the smoker to relax. Although many people do not want to smoke, they often want to light a cigarette in their hands or in an ashtray, because the moment they lit the cigarette, they will feel a sense of pleasure psychologically. This special psychological phenomenon cannot be explained at present.
So, the hardest part of quitting smoking is abstention from smoking. Obviously the body does not need nicotine, but smokers also constantly want to light cigarettes. Nicotine lozenges and nicotine patches, including e-cigarettes, are just a means of nicotine replacement. Whether or not you can completely quit smoking is the key to seeing the self-control and determination of quitting smokers. People with strong perseverance can quit smoking without resorting to any measures.

Second, can electronic cigarette really stop smoking?
Compared with other nicotine replacement methods, electronic cigarettes are the closest to the habit of using cigarettes. The user also uses inhalation, so it is easier to satisfy the smoker's psychological addiction than other methods. However, as mentioned in the previous article, the key to successfully quitting smoking is to look at the perseverance of the quitter.

E-cigarettes, rather than quitting smoking, are better known as "smokers". Because the success of smoking cessation can be different because of the user's own differences, but the effect of "replacement of cigarettes" and reducing the amount of smoke is very obvious and universal. According to the author's own three-year experience with electronic cigarettes, the first use of electronic cigarettes is often the most effective and can significantly reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. On the first day of using e-cigarettes, I dropped from two packs and a half to ten. After a week, it can be done without smoking cigarettes and using only electronic cigarettes. Not because I have perseverance but because of three reasons. First, my physical condition has not allowed me to smoke cigarettes and I have a certain determination to quit smoking. Second, electronic cigarettes can meet the physiological and psychological needs of quitters. Third, after using e-cigarettes and then smoking cigarettes, the taste will become very strange. Without any previous alcohol and taste, it will be disgusting.

The experience of the author and some of his relatives and friends after using e-cigarettes is similar to the author's. Most of them can no longer smoke cigarettes or drastically reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. Therefore, electronic cigarettes are very significant for the "for tobacco" effect. However, the topic has returned to the previous point of view. Whether you can successfully quit smoking or depends on the user's own factors. Like the author, players who use electronic cigarettes for a long time often end up smoking cigarettes occasionally. This phenomenon can also be seen how difficult psychological withdrawal is. Obviously there are all kinds of “tall” e-cigarette devices and cigarette oil, but in the end they still want to light a cigarette. Therefore, e-cigarettes are also good. Other methods of quitting smoking are just methods and approaches. Whether they can succeed depends on the users’ determination and perseverance.

Many businesses have false propaganda on e-cigarettes and exaggerate the role of e-cigarettes. This has also allowed e-cigarettes to be "deified," adding a lot of labels that they should not have. Therefore, to properly quit smoking, we must start with understanding e-cigarettes rationally. E-cigarettes have good effects on smoking cessation and substitution of cigarettes, but they are not as advertised by businesses as the so-called "quit art artifacts" and "clear lung poisons."

3. How effective is the e-cigarette? Why do many people on the TV say bad?
In the previous article, the author stated his own personal experience. This kind of experience is universal. Many people use electronic cigarettes with the same experience as the author. Since electronic cigarettes are effective, why are there so many negative news?

First, people will resist and reject new things. This is human instinct. Although cigarettes are known to have various hazards, the harm to electronic cigarettes is still unknown. So far, no one authority has come up with exact and certain conclusions that prove that electronic cigarettes are harmful or harmless, so many people prefer to use them. Cigarettes will not accept e-cigarettes that are not definitive at the moment.

Second, it is related to the false propaganda and exaggeration of the business. To exaggerate the effect of electronic cigarettes is often inconsistent with the actual experience. It will cause a huge psychological gap between the users. Expectations and actual differences are too large, which leads many people to think that electronic cigarettes are "deceptive."
The third and most important point is that e-cigarettes are actually a unique area with a unique culture. In this circle, the device determines the experience. Take photography, it has common features with the electronic cigarette circle. The "camera" is also divided into many types. The average person uses a portable card machine, while photographers and professional photographers choose "SLR." Although the "photographing" function can be completed, the quality of the photos will be essentially different. At present, some mobile phones are also known as the "second kill" SLR, questioning whether the SLR still exists. In the eyes of ordinary people, it seems that this is indeed the truth, but for people in the circle, the mobile phone is a mobile phone, and the SLR is a SLR. It is not comparable at all.

Through the example of a camera, everyone should also understand that the devices in the field of e-cigarettes are also numerous and varied. Different electronic cigarette devices will give users different feelings. Therefore, a set of well-functioning e-cigarette devices is also a prerequisite for a good e-cigarette experience. There have been a lot of media interviews with e-cigarette users before, and they all get the conclusion that "electronic cigarettes are useless" and "electronic cigarettes are not good enough." Almost all interviewees actually do not understand electronic cigarettes. The electronic cigarette devices used are also devices with poor performance that have been “beautified” by businesses. Because of the drive of interests, some technologies are very backward, and electronic cigarette products that have been almost eliminated have become 199, 299 because of their low cost, a dozen or twenty pieces, and they have been packaged by businesses as tall and “quit smoking artifacts”. Even 999! Ordinary consumers do not understand the knowledge of e-cigarettes. Therefore, after using this type of lagged product, they think that all electronic cigarettes are the same and have no effect.

Let's give a more intuitive example. It's like a merchant packs a 50W pixel card machine into a “photograph artifact” and “secondary SLR”. Those who understand the camera saw a smile because they knew about the camera. And for a person who knows nothing about the camera and wants to get started, it is easy to be fooled by such false propaganda. The pictures taken after the purchase of course cannot achieve the effects of mainstream cameras. But can we label all cameras with labels that are "not reliable," "useless," or "hanging goods?" E-cigarette equipment is also the reason, so if you want to use electronic cigarettes, you need to first understand some of the relevant knowledge of electronic cigarettes in order to get a good electronic cigarette experience.

In addition to the equipment, the “smoke oil” of electronic cigarettes also plays a crucial role in the electronic cigarette experience. A good taste of smoke oil, with an excellent electronic cigarette equipment, will give users the best experience of electronic cigarette experience.
E-cigarettes use a heating element to heat smoke oil to produce mist, and the user obtains a taste experience by sucking the mist. Cigarette smoke is smoke that is generated by burning tobacco. There are fundamental differences between the two methods. And because smoke oil does not contain carbon monoxide, tar and other substances, so the electronic cigarette and cigarette in the taste there will be great differences. And some businesses are also catching the common people do not understand the difference between the two, selling the so-called "true smoke taste", such as China, Yuxi, Furong Wang and so on. Most people who use electronic cigarettes for the first time will not understand the relevant knowledge of electronic cigarette oil. After using such cigarette oil, they will definitely think that there is too much difference from cigarettes. "Electronic cigarettes do not fly."

Due to the essential difference between the smoke generation method and the difference between the smoke oil and the tobacco components, the current electronic cigarette oil cannot completely match the taste of cigarettes. Therefore, to remind friends who want to try the electronic cigarette as much as possible to choose some fruit, dessert flavor smoke oil is more suitable for some. E-cigarettes are actually a brand-new thing, but because people are misled by businesses, they only use the taste of cigarettes compared with electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes and cigarettes are essentially different. E-cigarette oil is also a real smoke. Comparable.

The nature of e-cigarettes is the same as that of a camera. It belongs to the “playing” part of eating, drinking, and having its own unique culture and connotation. Such as the amazing big smoke, cool electronic fireworks show, exquisite e-cigarette equipment, and rich flavor of smoke oil ... and so on. However, due to the concept of “smoke” and the misleading of merchants, the general public was only concerned about its smoking cessation efficacy and ignored the unique charm of electronic cigarettes. Although e-cigarettes were originally designed to quit smoking, due to the development of e-cigarette technology and the popularity of e-cigarettes worldwide, it has become a new area with its own unique culture.
E-cigarette is no longer a simple "quit smoking" method, it has become a "new toy" for many people. Just like other electronic devices, you must first understand the relevant knowledge before buying, and you will know which one is right for you by comparing the advantages and disadvantages. When you understand the relevant knowledge of electronic cigarettes, you will find it brings you endless fun. The popularization of e-cigarette knowledge and promotion of e-cigarette culture are the responsibility, obligation, and original intention of our steam bus. If you want to know e-cigarettes, please pay attention to steam buses.

4. Is electronic cigarette harmful?
From the advent of electronic cigarettes to today, it has always been criticism, and has grown up with various negative news. It is roughly equal to the theory of "heavy metal overloading," "10 times more poisoning than cigarettes," "smoke oil contains nicotine, nicotine is a highly toxic theory," "foreign legislation, prohibition of electronic cigarettes", etc.

The author's e-cigarette experience is accompanied by these "theories" along the way. At the beginning, every time you see such news, you are terrified. Family members and friends also use various so-called “official reports” to persuade the author to give up electronic cigarettes. So I searched all search engines to find out the exact conclusions, but finally found that most of the news did not have a definitive conclusion. So far, no one institution can give a certain conclusion, whether electronic cigarette is harmful or Harmless, all lack the strongest argument support. All negative news is not "out of context" or "sweeping concept" or "unknown". So later on this "periodic", "ambiguous" negative news disapproved, because there will always be some negative news of e-cigarettes, the final result, of course, can not be "one final word."

For example, there is no definite proof of the news that “Electronic aerosolized core heating filaments release toxic substances”. It can be proved that the temperature of heating filaments can release harmful gases when applied to electronic cigarettes. "Neopurine Nicotine Poison Theory" is a stealing concept. As we all know, pure nicotine is a highly toxic substance that can be absorbed by the body through the skin and respiratory tract. It is very dangerous. The e-cigarette oil contains diluted nicotine solution. Although nicotine is present, it is much safer than pure nicotine.

Many people regard “nicotine” as a scourge. In fact, the biggest harm to human body in cigarettes is tar, carbon monoxide, and thousands of harmful substances released when tobacco is burned. Regarding whether or not nicotine can cause cancer, the medical profession has been arguing. There is no concrete conclusion. Even so, it is recommended that everyone should carefully assess the harm of nicotine to the human body, after all, is harmful to health.
In addition to nicotine, the other ingredients in the oil are simple and relatively safe. The main ingredients usually include propylene glycol, glycerin, and flavors. The role is to dissolve the essence and produce mist. The three components are ubiquitous in our lives and are used in the fields of food, cosmetics, and medicine. These ingredients are included in the drinks we drink and the food we eat.

The raw materials used for genuine and qualified cigarette oil are all food grade, so they are relatively stable in composition. Only when the same raw material is directly consumed and heated to generate smoke and smoke, will it produce harmful substances in the process? Again, there is no conclusive statement in the medical community. There is no definite proof that it is harmful or harmless. Including the author, electronic cigarette users and game players all over the world have been relatively healthy after a few years of actual use, and no apparent lesions have appeared. It may be possible to explain the safety of electronic cigarettes from the side. However, health is not a trivial matter and it is not ruled out that there may be a slow and pathogenic possibility. Therefore, the author will continue on the road of e-cigarettes for everyone to do a "rat", before the medical community can give a definitive conclusion, using actual experience to prove whether the e-cigarette is harmful.

Five, if you choose to use e-cigarettes, how can you minimize health risks?
The author proposes to pay attention to three major aspects. First of all, electronic cigarettes should be selected from high-quality products, but high performance does not represent high prices. It is recommended that you learn more about electronic cigarettes before choosing electronic cigarettes. This is also your responsibility. Avoid spending high prices but buying the flaws that are on the verge of eliminating products, and the harm brought by inferior products.

Second, choose a regular, qualified, and suitable for your taste of smoke oil. At present, there are many types of smoke oil on the market. Domestic smoke oil plus imported smoke oil has thousands of brands and over 10,000 species. Some old players are sometimes difficult to decide, let alone newcomers who have just come into contact with electronic cigarettes. When you choose, you must learn more about the smoke oils that people generally reflect on good reputation and good taste. If you are concerned about nicotine, then you can choose a low concentration of smoke oil, such as 3mg, even "0mg" does not contain nicotine smoke. The nicotine concentration of the smoke oil represents how many grams of nicotine per milliliter contain. The common "6mg" means that 1ml of cigarette oil contains 6mg of nicotine. The higher the concentration of smoke oil, the stronger the "throat sensation", which is popularly known as "solution to cravings."

If you want to use electronic cigarettes to quit smoking relatively healthily, then use nicotine-free cigarette oil. Although this will make you feel that e-cigarettes are “boring” and “unresolved”, if you are concerned about the safety of nicotine in e-cigarettes and you want to use e-cigarettes, using nicotine-free cigarette oil is the only way. This is also a lot of people who do not smoke themselves and want to simply "play" smoke.
Third, there is no safest product and only the safest sense. Therefore, when using e-cigarette devices, we must correctly select and use e-cigarette devices, and do not use counterfeit or self-modifying devices. If you like to do it yourself, you can choose "RBA" atomizers that make their own atomization cores. Do not modify the finished atomizer and host equipment to avoid accidents. Again, knowing more about e-cigarette knowledge, you will have a correct understanding of e-cigarettes.

VI. Is there "secondhand smoke" in electronic cigarettes?
This is actually a misleading business. When the electronic cigarette is used, it will generate vapor mist. Even if the electronic cigarette device with the smallest amount of smoke generates smoke larger than the cigarette, let alone other oil storage and drip atomizers. E-cigarette mist is more than the smoke produced by cigarette burning. Although it is not destructive, the fog does not contain harmful components. However, due to the composition of essence, it will have a certain impact on the surrounding people. There are many people around the author can not stand. E-cigarette smoke aroma. Therefore, even electronic cigarettes should not be used in public places and non-smoking areas as far as possible to avoid affecting other people. And when driving, the fog will affect the line of sight. Do not use electronic cigarettes while driving.

Finally: With the development of electronic cigarette technology and the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes, more and more people are beginning to use electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes have long since evolved from a simple tobacco product to a culture. The cool side of the e-cigarettes, the smoke contest and the fancy e-cigarette show, are often displayed in front of us, and attract more people to pay attention to e-cigarettes. It is believed that as people's awareness of e-cigarettes increases, attitudes towards electronic cigarettes will become more and more rational. Related laws and regulations will also be more perfect, so that everyone can feel more comfortable and enjoy the fun brought about by electronic cigarettes.