Repertoire or import?OUKOO tobacco evaluation.
Recently the vape circle is messy. Now there is such a despising circle. I don't know if you have heard of it: "pure imports" despise "domestic filling"; "domestic canning" despises "sand mantle routines"; "shajing routine" despises " "China-made special tone"; "domestic special tone" despise "Yuhu ice".

The family will talk about a new domestic branded canned product today------[oukoo]

According to merchants, oukoo is a brand of pure American oil and canned in China. Put a picture first.

This time, Auntie took three tobacco flavored smoke oils from the agents at his own expense. I’ll show you a few pictures of their family before you listen to me

Looks like it's not what Auntie paid for advertising his house!
totally not! These three bottles of sample equipment I took fifty oceans to get, and I am not satisfied with this point, originally intended to be if it is not easy to pump direct platform oil, let everyone look at the ugly face of their home. However, since I haven’t been rehearsing for such a long time, the oil in his home can still be imported.

Let's talk about this bottle, the yellow brand, the cinnamon tobacco  cinnamon is the bark-like thing that is used for cooking at home, and it mostly appears in the ribs, elbows, and chicken legs. At that time, the taste of Kaifeng was a seasoning. I want to lose it directly, but my friend said that if you don't try it, you can't hang him.

I took a look at the nicotine content - 3mg - try smoke (a hard advertisement for the young man)

The data is 0.23 single shot with pole push 
The first feeling --- emmm --- I think I can eat a gimmick in this smoke oil at night. A taste of my stew ribs. The entrance is very soft, and there is no spicy feeling of tobacco oil. The second mouth slowly tastes the mellowness of tobacco. The taste of his family's tobacco is a bit like the taste of an old smoker pumped by the uncle of the countryside. It is not spicy but it is not strange. taste. Those who like to be curious can try, 3mg of nicotine gives a feeling that it is acceptable to smoke. I don't have to use a taste atomizer to try to be lazy.
The second stick and stick

This I think there is no need to say more, is the taste of tribeca holo, caramelized tobacco, but not as sweet as Tribeca than Tribeca, highlighting the taste of tobacco. (I forgot to be fifteen or Tribeca, but it was caramelized tobacco)

The third     Raspberry tobacco

Raspberry tobacco is also a large smoke device. The first thing that enters the throat is sour, and then the mouth is when the tobacco flavor is spit out. It is the fresh fruit flavor. This is the lightest flavor of tobacco in these three tobacco oils. It is also most suitable for big smoke, that cinnamon will be more pumping, this will not. At least I smoked one afternoon today. In addition to the nicotine content of tobacco, it is also worthy of the top. According to the group of friends, this is also the fastest pumping. After 15ml of smoke is gone, I don’t have an iron lung inside. I’m guessing 15ml. , I smoke for three days or even a week!  

It is time for everyone to enjoy the Tucao. This is the agent's circle of friends   
There are two Tucao points here:
1. Chinese Herbal Formula  
What's wrong? Now electronic cigarettes have begun to health? ? ? This is a health beer (twisted in beer), health didi (didi end night run), a third fresh product dip, health smoke oil? 
Moreover, it is said that the next Chinese medicine ingredient to be tamped is Chumbe----emmm---that is to say, I will soon get the taste of Chuanbei 枇杷 paste? Next is not the old godmother smoke oil will have to interview?
2. Fancy wake up oil
I do not know if we still remember the saying that we have oil up and that the oil is divided into three parts. 
(1) Oxidation wake up oil
This did not have to spit, waking up oil is the normal oxidation of oil, no problem (now a lot of routine oil omitted oil this part directly, so the taste is not as good as before)
(2) The original sound of waking oil and simmering oil     
How is the original sound? Listen to the voice of the factory and wake up oil? The mixer is crashing? ---emmm --- can not understand; then quietly wake up oil, dripping, and give them to bring headphones Austrian   directly said that it is not okay to stay awake oil     Look down on my graduation from elementary school in Austria   
(3) The second music wake up?   
Look at the different kinds of cigarette oils, such as Jazz for tobacco, Punk for fruit and tobacco, Rock for fruit mix, Blues for coffee, Ballad for pure fruit?     
Having said so much, I personally recommend these three types of tobacco. After all, it is still very difficult to find a good and cheap cigarette in so much oil. Before I smoked a cigarette called Voldemort, I personally felt it was very good, but it was only limited to entities, and then I was very expensive. Forget it, give up tobacco.

Finally, I hope that his family can really do a good job, do not play routines like a journey.
Give up smoking, personal installation this one stunned behavior! I wish his home can earnestly work as an oil and be a real man.
Here is Auntie, an innocent tap assessmenter. Regardless of good or bad, even if you send me a blade, I have to insist on my right to speak. Thank you everyone!