OUKOO After-Sales Service Guide

For your better and faster access to our after-sales service, please read the OUKOO After-Sales Service Guide below carefully.

一、Full/Partial Refund

OUKOO promises that you can refund the purchased products for no reason within 7 days after you receive them.

According to the state regulations of "Three Guarantees" on electronic products and Tmall rules, customers can get a full refund within 7 days after receiving the products if they meet the following conditions:

• The packaging is intact and does not affect the secondary sale;

• The invoice (if any) must be returned together;

• The buyer should bear the shipping costs for return (We have offered freight insurance).

If the buyer has unpacked the box and has already used the product, within 7 days after receipt, the buyer can return the product and get a partial refund if the following conditions are met:

• No scratch or fault on the main product;

• Accessories and gifts are kept perfectly;

• The main packing box is kept clean;

• The atomizer is a consumable product, which cannot be resold after the E-liquid is filled, but just for scrap treatment in the factory. Thus, it is not refundable unless due to quality problems;

• The consumables costs and product depreciation expenses should be deducted.

Example: If a customer purchases an OUKOO kit worth 599 yuan and uses it: the refund amount = 599 yuan of order amount - 119.80 yuan of consumables cost (atomizer scrapped + 1 bottle of E-liquid, the loss price is equal to 20% of the total price) - 59.90 yuan of product depreciation expense (equal to 10% of the total price) = 419.30 yuan (prices of other accessories refer to corresponding price list) Special note: Once the E-liquid is filled in, the atomizer cannot be resold and can only be returned for scrap treatment. Scraping of atomizer in the kit only charges material expenses.

二、Quality Problems of Battery/Charger

7-day guarantee for return and replacement (We will bear the round-trip freight for replacement of parts with quality problems within the replacement period)

180-day warranty (The store and the customer each will pay oneway freight during the warranty period)

三、After-Sales Problem of Atomizers/Coils/Drip Tips

The atomizers/coils/drip tips are consumable products and, once used, are not covered by the after-sales service. If there is a quality problem with the product received, do not fill the E-liquid or use it. Return it as received.