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Foreign Trade Manager
Job Description

Work Place:Qingdao
Required Number:3


1. Draft and implement sales plans according to the company's marketing target and policy;

2. Be responsible for order operation of foreign trade customers, and deal with customer orders (quotations, contracts, work orders, shipping orders, etc.) according to regulations, and ensure smooth operation of customer orders and error-free processing of all orders;

3. Explore new foreign markets, develop new customers and expand product sales scope;

4. Be responsible for the planning and implementation of foreign sales activities;

5. Participate in foreign exhibitions and form information reports of the exhibitions, and report to the company leaders in time;

6. Communicate with customers in an active and timely manner, form communication information reports, and create customer files;

7. Accept the foreign market investigation work arranged by the company, actively gather information, preform screening, tracking, coordination, filing and management, and grasp the sales situation and demand changes;

8. Take overall charge of daily management of foreign trade department, building and management of foreign trade team, training and overall planning of team members;

9. Assist other departments to complete cross-departmental cooperation.


1. College degree or above, major in International Trade, Marketing or related field, 5+ years of working experience, fluent in oral English, good business development ability and business negotiation skills;

2. Familiar with the overseas market situation of the industry, having experience in overseas market development, strong customer development ability and persuasion;

3. Strong devotion, learning capacity, stress tolerance and ability to work independently, and courage to pioneer and innovate;

4. Proactive, honest, confident, open and inclusive, high enthusiasm and teamwork spirit, and strong sense of responsibility.

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