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ID Design
Job Description

Work Place:Qingdao
Required Number:2


1. Be responsible for the appearance design and optimization of the company's products (concept proposal, hand-drawing drafts, 3D modeling, drawing rendering, etc.), and provide competitive product appearance design;

2. Be responsible for the output and production of related design data such as product design sketches and process descriptions;

3. Provide design concept and scheme in time according to the company's market requirements;

4. Revision and update of the pictures required by the project, and follow up the works responsible for;

5. Product silk screen printing, labeling and color matching;

6. Product UI;

7. Cooperate with other relevant departments in design works.


1. College degree or above in industrial design, proficient in rhino modeling, 3DMAX, keyshot, etc.

2. 2+ years of ID design experience, at least one year of ID design experience in consumer electronics;

3. Familiar with surface treatment technology, materials and ID design methods for electronic cigarettes and consumer electronics;

4. Proficient in using one of either 2D design software or 3D engineering design software for design activities, good hand-drawing foundation, responsible and motivated;

5. Sensitive to product trends and consumption trends.

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