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Structural Engineer
Job Description

Work Place:Qingdao
Required Number:3


1. Be responsible for the design and production of the appearance, technology and structure of new products according to the project requirements of the products;

2. Be active in project follow-up, evaluation before die sinking, review before mold testing and acceptance of trial production and mold;

3. Be responsible for product maintenance and prepare related technical documents;

4. Deal with abnormalities and mold problems, accurately analyze problems and communicate with other departments;

5. Continuously optimize the product, and control costs by improving the design plan, improving materials, and expanding the generality of parts;

6. Implement other tasks assigned by the department head.


1. 3+ years of working experience in structural design of electronic products, proficient in using PROE, CAD and other software for structural design of products;

2. Familiar with the structural design of products: 3D modeling, disassembling, PCB stacking, and detailed design of parts and fittings according to ID diagram design;

3. Familiar with processing and manufacturing, production, molding, and surface treatment technology of related materials and molds;

4. Able to complete product structural design and product follow-up independently, having strong analysis ability and problem solving ability;

5. Good sense of responsibility and team work spirit; experience in developing digital electronic products such as e-cigarettes, mp3s, MP4 and mobile phones is preferred.

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