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Hardware Engineer
Job Description

Work Place:Qingdao
Required Number:2


1. Design new products, draw schematic diagrams and design the layout and wiring of PCB panel;

2. Coordinate with the Structure in product design, ES prototype production and improvement;

3. Make production documents, and conduct BOM import and new material reliability verification;

4. Cooperate with software engineer for PCBA debugging, testing, reliability verification, etc.;

5. Assemble prototype and examine structural problems;

6. Develop purchase confirmation of electronic materials and issue EER, ECN, etc.


1. College degree or above, major in Electronics or related, 2+ years of working experience, familiar with schemes of common peripheral circuits such as mcu;

2. Familiar with electronic components, capable of welding all kinds of patch devices, and welding samples according to the drawings;

3. Familiar with Padslayout software, capable of drafting PCB drawings and electrical schematics, and experience in multilayer drawing (this is an essential requirement);

4. Strong circuit expertise, capable of solving problems of electronic products alone;

5. Self-motivated, honest, positive, and good team work spirit.

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