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Visual Design Director
Job Description

Work Place:Qingdao
Required Number:1


1. Cooperate with marketing, market and product departments and participate in brand building according to the company's brand strategy;

2. Manage the daily work of the visual design team, and participate in the entire process of design implementation from design research, conceptual design to design verification;

3. Lead and develop the visual design team, coordinate operation and control visual VI and advertising pictures of stores according to brand connotation;

4. Be responsible for the decoration of stores under company's website, creative design of event posters, creative film design, overall style design, revision and optimization work to enhance the visual image of the stores;

5. Design the product details pages, beautify and modify the product pages, dig the selling points of the products in combination with their characteristics, and create an aesthetically pleasing and purchasing power attractive description template;

6. Be responsible for the design and typesetting of promotion publicity pages in the sales promotion period, and cooperate with the Operation to make event posters and promotion pictures of through train and diamond booth;

7. Be responsible for 3D modeling and rendering, picture processing, etc. of e-business products.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in Fine Arts or Graphic Design, 8+ years of experience in graphic design; experience in 4A advertising company is preferred;

2. Forward design ideas, keen sense of color, novel viewpoints on the vision, familiar with the brand and material design style and direction, to ensure the implementation of brand core;

3. High artistic accomplishment and aesthetic ability;

4. Strong sense of innovation and pursuit of ultimate visual design experience;

5. Excellent listening, communication skills and cross-departmental and cross-regional collaboration capabilities;

6. Proven excellent leadership skills and executive force.

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