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System Operation Engineer
Job Description

Work Place:Qingdao
Required Number:2


1. Manage applications and systems hosted by the company on the cloud platforms (mainly using azure, AWS, and Alibaba Cloud);

2. Participate in product design, development, fault analysis and performance analysis with the role of SRE;

3. Develop support and management tools for the growing and expanding services, the main programming environments used include go, Java, python, and node.js;

4. Improve the reliability of systems and platforms continuously;

5. Respond to the call/SMS alarm from the monitoring system at any time and eliminate possible system faults as soon as possible;

6. Play a leading role in improving the operation and maintenance of automation.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in Computer Science or related field;

2. Working experience in software development/automatic testing;

3. Familiarity with docker and kubernetes is preferred.

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