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Product Manager
Job Description

Work Place:Qingdao
Required Number:1


1. Be responsible for functional design and growth management of products, and interactive design;

2. Through methods such as data analysis, observe the development of products and promote the iteration and improvement of product form;

3. Collect and put forward product requirements, draw up product specifications, and conduct comprehensive design such as functions, features, use flows, UI/UE, performance requirements. Work with the technical personnel in the comprehensive optimization and use of various technical means to complete the research and development of products;

4. Analyze the operational data of online products, organize regular analysis and compile product operation analysis reports, put forward product improvement suggestions, and continuously improve online products and user experience;

5. Develop and improve the life cycle indexes of users.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in Computer Science, Psychology, Sociology or related field;

2. 5 or more years of working experience as manager of user products in the Internet industry;

3. Skilled in finding potential user needs by professional means such as data analysis and scenario analysis;

4. Understanding professional methods for verifying product assumptions, such as abstract modeling and A/B Test, and having actual case evidence;

5. Sensitivity to numbers, excellent qualitative and quantitative analysis capabilities, and rigorous logical thinking.

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