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Full Stack Engineer
Job Description

Work Place:Qingdao
Required Number:1


1. Be responsible for browser and WebApp related project development and technical architecture design;

2. Participate in the prediction of the company's leading-edge products and solutions;

3. Perform technical research and rapid development of innovative products from conception to prototype;

4. Communicate with other teams and promote better product development.



1. Bachelor degree or above, major in Computer Science or related field, 2+ years of experience in front-end development;

2. Proficient in HTML/CSS/JS, and having knowledge and experience in common front-end frameworks such as Reactjs and jQuery;

3. Having understanding and practice in front-end engineering, and deep understanding of front-end development process;

4. Having knowledge of Web standards, HTML5, ECMAScript and other related new technologies, and experience in Server-side development such as Golang, Python, Java;

5. Recognizing the concept of big data and product pattern and the concept of information emancipation; having the will of self challenge.

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